Saturday, July 18, 2015

Game Fiction Volume One announces release date

The Gold Shader's Game Fiction Volume 1 anthology in which my short story, "Mine Sweeper" appears, is slated for a Sept. 1 release. Take a gander at the cover below, along with a list of authors below that. If you'd like a preview, head on over to the site.

                                                                 Justin McElroy
                                                                 Morgan Crooks
                                                                 Halli Lilburn
                                                                 Robin Dunn
                                                                 Joanna Koch
                                                                 Robert J. Santa
                                                                 Michael B. Tager
                                                                 Cathy Smith
                                                                 Steve Coate
                                                                 Lyn McConchie
                                                                 Joshua Schwarzkopf
                                                                 Ellen Denton

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