Saturday, January 7, 2012

From Shadows & Nightmares anthology nomination

From Shadows & Nightmares, the Nightfall Publications anthology containing my debut short story "Fetch," has been nominated for the Preditors and Editors poll, Best Anthology of 2011. Please feel free to vote here. If the desire to purchase a copy grabs you, there's a link to the book on the fiction page of this blog.

In other short story news, my story "Caveat Emptor" has been picked up by Stupefying Stories and will appear in an upcoming issue. Stupefying Stories is edited by Bruce Bethke, the man who coined the term cyberpunk with his titular short story that appeared in 1983. Learn more about Stupefying Stories at the Rampant Loon Press website, or get updates at the Stupefying Stories facebook page. I've read the first two issues and they are spectacular. The third issue is in my to-read queue and I have similar expectations for the content.

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