Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiction Friday: What The Night Knows

Dean Koontz revisits the hero with a tragic past theme that he does so well, in this supernatural thriller. The protagonist, John Calvino, is both a family man and police detective, whose path in life was shaped by the brutal murder of his entire family when he was a child.  The sole survivor of that encounter, John killed Alton Turner Blackwood to prevent himself from becoming the final victim of that fateful night.

Now, twenty years after the lives of his family were snuffed out, John sees similar murders cropping up in the neighborhood, causing him to question himself, his beliefs and whether the dead always stay that way.  

I'd recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed Koontz's fiction in the past as well as anyone who likes supernatural suspense or horror fiction.

Here is the book trailer for What the Night Knows

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